Thursday, 3 May 2012

day out...but not day off

Typical...I have a day out, and it rains!!!!   Low cloud, rain, cold......

Driving past Abertillery listening to a discussion programme about Voltaire. He was living in the 1700s, and putting that in context, my house in Garn Dolbenmaen was built in 1750.  He published his work simultaneously in several countries. Then when it was banned in one, it was still "out there".

1755 was the date of a devastating earthquake in Lisbon, when seven to twelve thousand people died.     There were others in the world much worse, eg. Chile only a few years before. Because of the beginnings of the mass media-newspapers- firstly the death toll was exaggerated and secondly the news of it was spread around Europe within a couple of days, a week at the most.

The rain fell steadily and the hills were shrouded in low cloud  until suddenly by Pengenffordd the sun broke through, the clouds lifted and there was sun...for less than half a mile!   Then the clouds descended again and I made my way past Talgarth and on to Hay, past a swollen muddy River Wye and large patches of water on the fields where they had been flooded a couple of days ago.

Hay was fairly busy, but not as busy as it should have been on a market day. They needed yesterday's weather today!   I acquired a galvanised mop bucket (secondhand)- that wont melt or split easily!! also saw friends in the market. It is tempting to go back to having a stall, but I don't think I have the time or the energy, plus the increase in fuel price makes it uneconomical.
I collected a bag of clay from Brook Street Pottery  before heading for Longtown via the Golden Valley , an easier drive than straight over the pass by Hay Bluff.

The roads and lanes were mainly clear of water and those places still under water were passable with care.  On Sunday many had been impassable.
I visited Monnow Arts Centre and had a quick look round the sculpture garden.
Then stayed talking with the resident artist and my friend who works there...we must have been talking for a couple of hours, but the time just went.   Not gossiping, but discussing art, life, work....exhilarating!!

On to collect the cheque for March sales at the Court Cupboard, then to the workshop in the walled garden......and as requested, a picture of work in progress....


Susan said...

As usual, we can use any rain that comes our way. Thank you for visiting my blog.

cookingwithgas said...

we are into the first of a 90 degree day here. I want some chilly rain back.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

does it rain very much in Wales?

Cro Magnon said...

Non-slip handles? What a very good idea!