Friday, 4 May 2012


Everything is just cold and damp....pots not drying, clothes just hanging on the line. 
The fact that it isn't raining doesn't seem to have improved things!

The tankards have been decorated, one berry bowl turned, cut and pierced and one spoiled.     They need to be a little more dry to have a crisp finish to the work.
You can't hurry these things.

Ho hum....get ready for the farmers market tomorrow in Usk.    Prepare for even colder weather.

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yeractual said...

Hope you had a good day at Usk - it's a nice little town. I used to fish there on the Gwent Water - a syndicate of lawyers and judges for the most part, but great value fly-fishing. We've had more snow though it's thawing/going very fast - thankfully. I see from other mutual blogs that you're off to Lewis soon. Have a great time. The Hebredes are different from Wales and the language is, of course, quite different. But I'm sure you'll have fun.