Thursday, 10 May 2012

working hard

For most of today we have had heavy showers..with rain in between!!

A home workshop day was the best therefore and I haven't even been up to the allotment!!

First came finishing the jars...

Next, after lunch, I had intended to start packing the kiln for a bisque with what was ready.   I started fettling lightly and realised....nothing is dry enough yet.
At least all the jugs , jars and tankards and bowls have all been fettled, all (all?!!) they have to do is dry!!

I started on The Commission... a few ideas have gone down on paper, but nothing satisfactory.
I just "went for it"     The base was paddled out, not rolled, then I started coil and throw, using two wooden rib tools- this is in Crank, a heavily grogged clay. We're talking about far coarser than coarse sandpaper here!!

I didn't want to risk going any further.

The top inch has been wrapped so that I can work on it again when the walls have stiffened.

I'm really enjoying this!

As I finished, a knock came on the window.....

She is a softy really....even if she does prefer men!!


Joanne said...

A pretty girl. Lovely face markings.

Zhoen said...

That is one cynical lookin' cat. Even for a cat.

Wow, that is coarse. Do you use plastic to smooth your lip edges? I was taught that by one potter, but I wonder if it's a common practice?

Gardeningbren said...

I love tabby cats. Beautiful girl.

So what is the commission? Handsome so far.

The lids..especially the dragon,are very fine.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look real happy to be home. Crank must be a little tough on the hands, but I'll bet the texture is lovely.

gz said...

Teigar came out with the Oily One...they both came to see what I was up to..and she isn't too keen on rain!!

You can use thick slip to throw Crank, s a lubricant, but I don't need this any wetter. I seems just right. It seems to have sharper grog than I've seen in other versions. Plastic wouldn't last long, so I'm using my hardwood ribs.

It is a shelter for a lamp, that will sit in a sculpture garden outside a gallery.

Something to light your way back home.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

such cute pots and a cute grey tiger!