Monday, 14 May 2012

tired and more to do

By the time I'd reached St. Ffagans this morning, the rain had eased.

Back home by 3pm in the sunshine, but I'm finding commuting very tiring, even with jam avoiding tactics.

This little lot are now cooling a little more before I unpack them...ok, just an excuse as I'm tired! Then I'll re-mix the glazes as they cool properly. The clear glaze especially, needs to be not too thick on the pots otherwise it crazes, and warm pots soak up more glaze.

The Commission is looking good, I've cut the door and windows, and the roof is ready to be finished.  I know I should have discovered the dimensions of the lamp to be put in it before starting to make.....
I've made feet for it, but will not attach them. They will be fired in situ, which should allow the pot to shrink and move instead of sticking and cracking. I could just use placing sand, but the idea of fine silica dust about the place just does not seem very good.

Now it is just after 4.30pm, I've had a leisurely mug of coffee and a rest so here we go!!


The Cranky Crone, she lives alone! said...

Its been peeing down all day here!!!
You certainly have a full itenary on your hands, Im not at all surprised that you get tired.
I still love the mug I bought from you, I have my morning tea in it.

gz said...

Glad to hear that the mug is working well.
I like it when I know they've gone to a good home!!

Zhoen said...

Sometimes you have to push through, but oh, how it sucks.

red dirt girl said...

Hi gz. Just wanted to stop by and say 'thank you' ... especially for taking time out of your full days to encourage a friend from afar... it means a lot to me.

((Hugs)) and xxx back.