Sunday, 13 May 2012

a good shared day

Yesterday was very productive.

The kiln was spruced up by C and L including cleaning up the burners.  I sorted the wadding and re-mixed glazes for the firing. We all four of us made and finished work .

The Blacksmith was there carrying on with the VW restoration and there was more help in the garden clearing a rampant bamboo patch .
The grass got mown before it got jungly with the combination of a good month of rain and a fine few days!  Yet another row of potatoes is showing above ground and he salads in the polytunnel are looking lush.

A simple lunch of soup and bread shared in the sunshine on the patio was better than any feast.   We could have sat and talked for hours, but there were  still things to do.
We were all so busy that no photography was done!!

Yet more friends visited at teabreak time.    It is a house that welcomes you all, where you can talk or just find a corner to work and think.   A cat or four will come and check you out in passing or stay and keep you company if you need it.

All praise and thanks go to M for feeding and putting up with us all!

Seven pm came too quickly then it was time to head home for a curry with The Carpenter with fresh eggs brought home from The Garden.

Today is still fine.  I awoke at five am and felt good.
Now lets make the most of it before the weather turns again..washing, gardening, kiln packing...but all at home this time.


Joanne said...

I can hear my grandmother saying "Many hands make light work." Toward the end she might have said "Pull up your corset strings girls, there's still work to finish."

ps-have you considered getting rid of those comment moderation test words?

gz said...

I wish there were more of the hands around here helping!

I know the moderation words can be a pain- but I like the extra anti-spam protection. You can always click to get different ones, until you can get ones you can read- and it is fun spotting words in the "words"!!