Wednesday, 2 May 2012

a dry day!

In which the third wash of the day nearly dried, ironing was done, floors cleaned.....

stencils cut and used....
I did several "mel" (honey) jars and a couple of "cwrw" (beer) tankards then pulled handles on a boardful of milk jugs.
The pots with words on are developing well. I'm concentrating on those where the Welsh word has a different root to the English.  These should sell better. Thanks to a customer for that point...I think she could be right!!

I've found the pattern for the tyre tracks stencil. Just need to draw and cut it and use it on some tankards .
There is just over a fortnight to the delivery date, which should be fine, weather permitting that I can dry everything enough to get them in the kiln!!

I'm working on a Celtic style pattern for a plate with horses on it.
Rhiannon was apparently the only Celtic goddess adopted by the Romans, as Epona.  You can see her symbol at Uffington....The White Horse.
It isn't an easy design, it needs to be simplified and a little stylised so as to flow and look natural, without being totally realistic.    Three of them, within an eight inch (20 cm) diameter circle. 

I worked until about eight then the light was going as it had clouded over and was raining again.     The Carpenter was just serving supper as I came in from the workshop...good timing!!


Hawthorn said...

Good timing indeed. Would love to see your Rhiannon when you have finished x

Michèle Hastings said...

i hardly iron a thing anymore since not working in an office everyday!
can't wait to see your celtic pattern with horses... my niece adores all things horse related.

red dirt girl said...

yes! pictures please :)

glad you had a dry day and one so productive as well...


gz said...

Too dark for pictures yesterday!!