Saturday, 5 May 2012


Despite the sunshine this morning, many peoples' sales were down today at Usk Farmers Market. It was quite chilly, but still pleasant.    You just cannot predict this, as I have had  very good sales on the worst of days.  I'd hoped that the good day last month would carry on.

At least I did sell something, to a returning customer!   I suppose I have to look upon it as a morning out.  It is leading to sales in the Court Cupboard which is encouraging.

At least I had a good afternoon in great company.  I made ten more porcelain mugs.
Unfortunately I forgot to wrap the last batch to make them dry slowly and even out the amount of dampness in handle and mug body....oops!  I wont forget that again!!

The Carpenter has gone back to the Emergency department of the hospital as his hand is still not right.    I told him not to go on Saturday.....he has been waiting two and a half hours so far....and he isn't urgent...!!


red dirt girl said...


Cro Magnon said...

Not the non-slip handles!!!! Ouch.

Crack You Whip said...

Hope they can be repaired. That looks like it is a lot of work!

gz said...

The handles can't be mended- they are back in the reclaim bucket to be used again. Three, hopefully are ok- they have been wrapped as they should have been! They need to dry much slower- porcelain is less forgiving than stoneware.

You live and learn!!