Wednesday, 21 November 2012

a mooch round town

After putting the washing on the line (and the first batch of towels were dry by the time the second wash went out!) and blog-checking  I took advantage of a lift to town and had another wander.

Half a dozen quilters were very busy in the Arts Centre,  so I had a chat in the quilting shop instead! (that is in the same link).  The I- centre was good for some maps and info on local artists.

After another cup of coffee and a read of the daily newspaper in Banco, I looked at other shops in town, the knitting shop which sells secondhand books and some sewing items, the Asian food shop and The Organic food shop and cafe.

Then the walk home, only 15 to 20 minutes in the sun, time to think and consider.


Susan Heather said...

We had drizzle all day here - I think the soil is wet enough now.

I do like Te Aroha - lovely buildings and a nice feel to it.

Hawthorn said...

We never got to Te Aroha (I think) but we spent a fair bit of time at Rotorua then over to Whangarei.