Thursday, 1 November 2012

Now in New Zealand...or Aotearoa....

At last I'm back Te Aroha!!

Much has happened....The Pirate rode very well in the Masters' World Championships...his best was 5th place in the points race. However with things as they have been, plus a bigger field of riders, including ex-professional riders...the boy done well!   He was actually riding better, using improved tactics and line on the track....Next Year......!!

Luckily we had much help from The Geek in packing and tidying the new home.
Where does calling your home your "drum" come from?

He delivered us to the airport then set off Southwards to deliver the car to South Wales where the Carpenter (and the Oily One) will look after it until April.

The flight was uneventful, but very, very long....Glasgow to Dubai, then change planes to a double decker "scarebus" for the marathon 14 hour "hop" to Sydney, a 40 minute break then three more hours to Auckland.
It was an interesting journey for a first flight. The first bit was the best, having a window seat and seeing the lights beneath...then meeting the dawn as we flew over Iraq. 
The Pirate had caught a chill even before we lifted off, so this showed itself just before we arrived in Sydney...he is recovering now, after a couple of days.
We live in the "sleepout" in the garden here.  It has citrus trees around the lawn and chickens (three brown jobs) at the bottom of the garden.  We're at the edge of the town, where the speed limit changes from 50 to 100 kph.

It is a little misty today, after two hot days, but the sun is breaking through again- Spring is here!

I'm looking forward to meeting other artists (paper and clay), riding my bike and generally joining in on life here.

Perhaps I ought to start a fresh blog....."no longer waiting"?!!


Susan Heather said...

Welcome to New Zealand, you are in an ideal place for bike riding. Have a wonderful holiday.

Urghhh can't even make out the thingy to prove I am not a robot

Susan Heather said...

I am not sure if the comment I tried to post worked or not the verification things was so hard to decipher I took four goes. Anyway, welcome to New Zealand. Have a great holiday - Te Aroha should be a good area for bike riding.

Zhoen said...

Wherever you write, I will follow along reading.

That is a very long flight.

Cro Magnon said...

The length of the flights is why I stay at home to look after the animals, whilst Lady Magnon does Oz.

Andrea Ingram said...

Have fun and take good care

Hawthorn said...

New Zealand!?! Good grief - when did that happen! Hope you love it as much as we did, we spent a glorious (but cold and wet) spring there a few years ago.

Nice to read the smile in your words x

Kath said...

quite an adventure! I'm pleased you are blogging again.

One of my blog friends, Cro has a query you might be able to help with

Lynn said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time!

petoskystone said...

Congratulations for making that long flight! Pleased that New Zealand was/is worth the flight ;)Looking forward to reading some exploring-my-space posts.

Kath said...

ps.."drum and bass" = place