Wednesday, 14 November 2012

back to work

The Pirate  left yesterday for a visit to family and friends in Sydney, Australia. We saw him off on a NZ airlines "puddlejumper" from Auckland airport.
    It was interesting seeing planes landing and comparing it to what you see from the plane's cameras while landing.

We had a walk to the mall in Manakau City while waiting for his lost a bit, had an interesting walk and saw the nearly total eclipse of the sun by the moon.

He left with the New Moon and returns on the Full Moon.    I'm missing him already.

So I'm filling time with getting back to drawing.  I used to draw buildings, and Te Aroha has some interesting has made it too easy and I must get my eye/brain/hand co-ordination back up to speed!!


B. Rogers, Alchemy of Clay said...

Yes, there's the time that you take to look really hard, transfer what you see, again and again, onto paper. I realized the same thing today, I use the camera as a crutch!

Zhoen said...

Have you stopped by to see Pete, yet?

This Pete, of course.

gz said...

Hmm, Zhoen, he looks a good one to look up- trouble is he is 400k+ away- over 5 hours driving! It could be possible when we go to Wanganui after Xmas

Zhoen said...

Oh, and I found this,

Anyway, same continent as Pete. Wave from where you are, I'm sure he'll wave back.

gz said...

stunning image!
I've left a comment on his blog...looks like that is the only way to contact him!

Zhoen said...

I'm very surprized you didn't already read his blog. Well, glad to introduce old friends.