Saturday, 3 November 2012

the end of Winter

This weekend we're having (hopefully) the last fling of Winter- yesterday we had a heavy (as in you think you're standing under the tap) shower for an hour or so.

This morning it was back down to 3 degrees C and although the sun is out again there is a half cloudy sky and the breeze is decidedly chilly.

Talking of weather and harvests I learnt that last year's apple harvest was bad here too-a little consolation to UK apple growers that they are not alone in this, but still not good news worldwide.

It is interesting to see how expensive fresh local/NZ grown food is- until you realize that no, it isn't expensive, the UK has just got used to cheap food over the past 65 years or so.

The house today is full of children, the two here, their cousins and friends.
All are charging round on bikes and scooters,  bare feet and jandrells ( flip-flop sandals) abound.   A trailer full of calves is to be collected from near here today and taken back to cousins' farm.

Bare feet or jandrells are in order for all ages here..and shorts! 

I will have photos from the past month on here soon....when I borrow a cable!!


Zhoen said...

What we call Indian Summer. Autumnal heat right before the deep freeze.

gz said...

Z, I'm in New Zealand- not sure what you'd call a last chilly blast before Summer!!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

How lovely to be down there as they head into Summer time. Enjoy your trip and hope to see photos when you can xxx

Mouse said...

ah, you are 'down under', that explains it! "The last chilly blast before summer" I was confused for a moment :-)

yeractual said...

After all those years in Wales, the rain will have no effect on you, I'm sure.

petoskystone said...

I'd call it 'enjoy while the sun shines'. ;)

Peter said...

Humm, "summer", well, you never know! We had snow on the higher hills down this way recently, but some hours of scorching heat at intervals in between the stuff that heads our way from Antarctica!

Welcome to this part of the globe, I do hope you manage to get down to the South Island at some part of your time in NZ, it would be good to meet up with you if you do.

Domestic food prices, electricity, pottery materials, many of those things are getting unaffordable, very different from how things were in the 1970s when we came here.

Anyway, hope you have a great time, and have bounced back to life after your looooooooooong flight!


Susan Heather said...

There is a cold wind up here as well. Yesterday was quite hot if you were in the sun and out of the wind but the wind felt as though it had ice in it.

BTW it is Jandals. I know when I arrived here way back in 1965 there were so many new words to learn. Togs for swimming costume being one that comes to mind.

gz said...

Susan my grandma used to say "togs" too- but she did live in Adelaide for a while!

soubriquet said...

Togs? We used to say that up here in Yorkshire...
If you're in the north of nz, there's a place I've always hankered after visiting, after reading an article in NZ Potter:

A potter with his own narrow-guage railway. cooool.

red dirt girl said...

I can hardly keep up with your globe trotting ways :P

And I'm envious, but in a very nice way. So happy to see you happy.

Looking forward to messages from the outposts!

Carpe diem!