Monday, 26 November 2012


I've been helping at a junior school this morning, where T's son attends....helping his class mix and roll out and cut gingerbread house parts!!  (Aaaargh....backache....standing at junior school height tables all morning!!!)

The other progress?

The Pirate has been given a secondhand I phone AND has an email address...he still uses a secretary to write emails, but at least it will be cheaper than texting and phoning.

He is still getting frustrated with the phone....yet another different system to learn...just a pity it didn't come with the instructions.
Not that HE would have read them!!!

Another post script....he is only just beginning to understand that you DON'T call back every call you missed....that way you're paying for everyone else's calls.
 He has also  been given a phone he can email from....but has no internet usage on his plan....oh dear....


Hawthorn said...

I have found that as I have got older, I must have gotten much taller coz the floor seems a lot further away!!

Joanne Noragon said...

I sat in the chairs at my ten year old granddaughter's parent/teacher conference. Had she been a couple grades lower I would not have stood up!

smartcat said...