Friday, 30 November 2012

weather and stuff

The moon was full last night, and was beautiful.  Apparently there was a lunar eclipse too, but I saw none of it.
Also Mercury is no longer retrograde, which is a good thing, but after this morning's cloud and rain, the wind is up and is unsettling.  
I'm glad we are not out on our bikes today-we had a ride yesterday, the Pirate on a road bike and myself on a mountain bike, so it wasn't easy.  I'm not sure how far we went, possibly about20 to 25km.

I've been mixing bread with the au pair here, it should be baked this afternoon. 
We're thinking of other cake recipes to use as well....this could be fun!!

The Pirate has continued yesterday's task of hedge trimming.....and now I have toast and peanut butter and strawberry jam, courtesy of the I must stop!!

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Cro Magnon said...

I've only just seen the pix of the kiln (2 posts ago). Yes you MUST build one. I remember at college all these weird and wonderful kilns appearing all over the college grounds. All night parties. opening them up to squeals or sighs. What larks.