Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Foraging and decluttering

 Sloes and Haws...in the freezer now, ready for the next foraging session...wild apples!!

Which was supposed to be today, but we went for fuel instead..and found an independent quietly trading, and obviously no-one had been panic buying there. 

 There were heavy showers on the way there and back...and rainbows...we didn't fancy risking getting soaked or at least wet trousers...so apples can wait until the weekend!

This morning I used the juice from the brambles, elderberries and apples that I had cooked to make jelly...nice and dark and just strong enough tasting! The apple press came in very handy for extracting as much juice as possible.

This afternoon I painted my study walls "chalk white" , painting over dingy pink wallpaper...which matched the dingy pink carpet! This makes the room feel bigger and will make photographing items for selling a lot easier. 

Having moved most of the room's contents they can now be sorted, weeded and tidied!!

Hopefully this will make working a lot easier.


MrsL said...

I've read on FB of a good place for sloes, I hope to get out there next week; it's on the coast road, so double the pleasure :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

How do you use haws in yuour cookery?

Susan Heather said...

Sound like it is onwards and upwards.

Joanne Noragon said...

I have large lamps in the studio I only put on for photographs.

Barbara Rogers said...

I thought a long time about rearranging a kitchen area, which was way too hard to still be efficient to use...and then I just did it, with some nice bending and lifting to give me a sense of doing exercises, and then a beautifully organized cabinet when I had finished. Of course now I need to do the same with another one. It's awful how the gremlins come and make everything such a mess when I'm sleeping!!

Catalyst said...

As I've often said, your energy amazes me. I cooked some pasta and a new sauce this afternoon that filled the house with smoke. But it tasted good.

Unknown said...

I would really love to hear how you use the Slows and the Hawes - crab apples I know about but only know of Slow Gin for Slows and no idea how you use Hawes

Great Posts

Thank you

The bike shed said...

Ooh - that's inspired me to make some hawthorn jelly; never tried it before.