Sunday, 26 September 2021

Working steadily

 I seem to wake most mornings at 5....but up today a little after 6.. couldn't lie there any longer!

Tidy kitchen, clothes up to be put away, breakfast made...before himself woke!!

Our neighbour came over for his morning cuppa and put the world to rights, then we all got busy.

I sorted the Elderberries that we picked on a walk yesterday evening

 then put everything in a pan ready..then lunch and out to forage for apples from our favourite tree in Alloway...half the crop of last year, I think that the tree has gone biennial cropping after last year's heavy crop.

Back home to stack them in boxes to ripen ready for juicing, and cook the Brambles, Elderberries and apples for jelly making.

We watched the last 60km of the Men's World Road Championships which finished in Leuven..Julian Alaphillipe was a worthy winner!!

Now the fruit pulp is in the press and supper is in the oven....and a glass of NZ red  wine in the glass!!

We are trying to find the exact history of a frame we want to sell as well...talking to friends in the business and contacting the Facebook page run by enthusiasts of the marque.

Nowadays you have to be even more accurate to sell anything! We had hoped to use this one, but it isn't going to happen so sell we must.


Amy said...

I'm the same, usually I'm awake around 5.30am so annoying not being able to sleep in and a shame I have an active brain.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

I am a night owl and find waking early quite an unusual experience! However I do get a lot done late at night 😄 my other half is the lark and can be heard clattering around the kitchen early doors.

Colette said...

You are so productive! I look forward to reading about the juicing of those apples. When we were a young couple living in rural New York State, my husband and I spent one autumn picking apples, taking them by the bushel fulls to a cider press, and then sold the cider off the back of a truck. Fun memory.

Allison said...

Beautiful old frame set! You just don't see work like that anymore.