Friday 24 March 2023

Return journey to Scotland


The Long White Clouds from above
That was our liftoff from Christchurch....
We didn't want to leave....but you can't overstay then return, so we had to.
Next stop Brisbane airport for a four hour wait.

Beautifully airy..not oppressive atall

I am not sure what the sculptures represent exactly..must ask our Brisbane friends...Pirate was gutted that having a stopover there wasn't possible

These are lovely!!

Glad we weren't there initially when it was busy

The sunset colours were fabulous....but the only way to capture that anywhere near closely was to photograph the side wall!..Imagine the sky that darker sandy orange...

Then, luckily with a seat at the front of a more legroom...over 13 hours to photos from then on as no window seat and / or daylight!
We arrived in Glasgow to a dreich welcome....cold and wet....but at least the three bus rides were done with little waiting and over by mid afternoon.
24 hours total in the air. 8 hours waiting around before and during. ½ hour car journey before. 1 hour queuing to get out through security, then at last fresh air and 2½ hours bus home. 
Total 36 hours to get 24 hours ahead!!.....time travel!!!

Taking the Nojetlag tablets really worked.   Within two days my body clock had synchronised... Pirate's took a little longer...

Now we have to sort his medical might not be very good news, but with past treatment he has had ten years of life that he wouldn't have had and we have had ten good years extra together.

Our house sitter has stayed on to help with sorting workshop and garden, thankfully and we are giving them a chance to finish fitting out their van conversion here. Self designed and constructed.

We had decent weather yesterday and much shuffling of wood happened, and I cleared the site for the pallet constructed compost bins. 
It isn't getting on with gardening weather..more wind rain and cold forecast for a week at least..but it is all looking in the right direction.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Welcome home - sorry about the weather - it is the same here. I do hope Pirate's medical problem can be sorted.

northsider said...

I also make compost bins out of old pallets and tie them together with baling twine. Glad you had a safe flight home.

jabblog said...

That was a mammoth journey, not to be undertaken too often. I hope you settle back quickly - the weather will make you feel you've never been away!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Welcome home! I know I don't comment much but have loved all your piccies from NZ, and now look forward to seeing how your garden grows. My good wishes to The Pirate in the hope of better-than-expected news. You caught my attention about your house sitter - I am hoping to be building out a van very soon too! It's quite the undertaking... YAM xx

Barbara Rogers said...

Welcome Home!!

John's Island said...

Hi GZ, you have a cool blog here. Lots of neat photos. Re the first 9 … I love to snap photos near touch down similar to the ones you have here. In an interesting way, your 4th image reminds me a lot of the look coming into Seattle … land down below and water out in the distance. Scotland is sure beautiful country. Thank you for your recent comment on my blog about appreciating my comment over at Red’s blog. šŸ˜Š

busybusybeejay said...

What a brilliant trip.Thanks for sharing.

Avus said...

It must be hard coming back from that lovely country (NZ). But home is always a good place to be.
I wish Pirate well

Raewyn said...

Such a lot of travelling but so pleased you got home safely in the end. . I hope you're able to sort out the Pirate's medical issues ok.