Thursday, 4 February 2010

baking day

Yesterday was grey damp and misty
One way to be cosily dry and warm is to bake...
I have started using a method using a "poolish" or batter or sponge method, it is called many things!
As ever I don't follow any recipe exactly but adapt it to suit my kitchen. I am inspired by Richard Bertinet and his books "Dough" and "Crust"
I put all the flour in a large bowl, make a well in the middle and add the tepid water and dried yeast. Mix the water, yeast and enough of the flour to make a batter. Flick flour over the batter surface from the edges then place it in a warm place until you and it are ready-between two and five hours!!
Then mix- this might need more flour but how much depends on the flour, the weather and how sticky you work with the dough! Then you work it, pulling stretching and folding for about five minutes. Add the salt, then knead for another five minutes.
Put the dough back in the bowl for 15 minutes or so, knead, repeat.
Divide and shape the dough and place it in oiled and floured tins. Sit them in a warm place and in a couple of hours they will be ready to bake at between gas 8 and 9 for 35 minutes.
Take the loaves from the tins
and wrap in cotton or linen cloths
then you wont have jaw breaking crusts! Also They keep well like this in my wooden bread bin for several days , if given a chance!!
Then enjoy....Home-made bread, mug and marmalade!!
The Idle Duck's Carrot Cake,
Dan Lepard's Marmalade Flapjacks- I tried a silicone liner, loathe as I am to use works.
Chestnut Mushroom and Red Onion Quiche
Nectarine and Cranberry Crumble-it is surprising what you can find at the back of a freezer drawer, and the fruit needed no added sugar.
A satisfying if tiring day!


MrsL said...

That all looks lovely; I have loaf tin envy now, I need some longer ones. Interesting about adding the salt later. I've always wondered about that, as I remember reading soemwhere that salt inhibits the action of the yeast. Will give it a try. :)



gz said...

If you need bigger slices, you just cut diagonally!

Susan said...

Your house must have smelled so heavenly yesterday! everything looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

Wow! It all looks amazing! Well done :D You must have been shattered after all that cooking (and washing up!) You're so talented!! Thanks for the link ;)