Saturday, 27 February 2010

gallivanting (2)

The journey last Monday was fun, and got gradually warmer (relatively speaking) as I headed Westwards across Mid Wales. I still didn't feel like adventuring out of the warm car!
There was some stunningly beautiful countryside, but so often where you can stop is a way from where you want to photograph. Even if you walk back, if it is safe, the light that you saw has gone, the mood has changed.

Hedges are still being laid and cut, late because of the snow. Trees are being harvested and where once was a dark green hillside now shows a swathe of brown with tree trunks like so many discarded matchsticks.
Two days later I had a trip a little further North.
I'm glad I hadn't been able to go that way the day before! (where I was to stay,and the other place I normally would have found a bed were both not available)
Next time I'll make it!!
This is at Bwlch yr Oerddrws - vaguely translates as Pass of the Cold Door!
"door" used to mean the hole, not just the wood in the hole!
Thankyou Imageman. (Daughter's husband).
The combination of Artist and Driver is not always easy- one *should* keep one's eyes on the road!! It was bliss to be able to forget the road and just see and look.

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