Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ponies for The Mouse

This is the family group that likes the Northern part of the Common.


G8rAlly said...

Hello, darlings! What a beautiful photo!

Mouse said...

Oh ponies! Thank you, I love the grey on the right and the little bay in the middle
I'm thinking, that when I am stronger and fitter I may help out at the local riding for the disabled stables.
It would be a win-win, I get to be around ponies, the kids get someone to help the ride.
I just need to have the energy to trot alongside!

Did you watch that TV programe "I Believe In Miracles"? At the end a lovely man was taking autistic kids riding, the effects were wonderful...
The healing power of horses!

gz said...

@mouse I have no TV..but yes I've heard about the programme, and agree about Horse Power

@G8rAlly, welcome! How is the house progressing?
I'm feeling a bit guilty for neglecting my bike!!