Sunday, 14 February 2010

More spring cleaning

Sorting stuff is painful work. At least I have managed to reduce things considerably, and what I need will show as I start making again.
The wheel and shelves are ready for the off!

It has been a beautiful bright sunny day with intensively blue sky. A breath of Spring to keep us going until it really gets into the swing of it! More cold and possibly wet weather is forecast, we just have to hang on in there and think of sun!!

At least all the washing is done, dried ironed and mostly put away- I draw the line at putting other peoples' stuff away!! The house is getting cleaner and tidier.
Today I painted an alcove in the Living Room ready for shelves to be put there. It will have a curved arch at the top to match its mate on the other side of the fireplace-which is at present in jigsaw form.....we'll get there one day soon!!

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