Sunday, 21 February 2010

busy day

I had a baking morning today, getting bread and bean and vegetable pies ready for when Mountain Man delivered this weeks eggs.

The Wizzard visited, which was nice, and we had lunch together before he took another of his bikes away and went in search of a Nice Surprise Present!

Then to the allotments where it is still too wet to dig and the buds on the Cat's Tail (Equisetum) are beginning to swell just beneath the surface.
I cleared one Strawberry bed and transplanted the best dozen plants to the shade of a fence as it is a woodland plant originally. They should do better there.
Then I decided which four beds will have potatoes this year! The plans are shaping up, the greenhouse is "ready for the off" and potting compost should arrive at the Allotments' Shed any day now.

Winter is still hanging on. Another two inches of snow fell early this morning on the mountain, making over six inches lying in some places, more in the drifts.
Down here it was just cold and wet, but dried up and the sun came out by lunchtime.
It was beautiful in the afternoon and the weather brought quite a few allotmenteers out to tidy, move greenhouse and compare notes.
Ar four o'clock the sun dipped down behind the mountain and the chill descended upon us.
Home Time!!

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