Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Just when we thought that Spring was on her way!!

The first lamb arrived on St.Valentine's Day-it was hoped and planned that there wouldn't be any before March, but it is here and healthy so hey ho!!

This is a picture of Blaenafon at 10.30 this morning.....this was the visibility all the way down the mountain road until about 150 feet from the valley bottom near Govilon on the way to Abergavenny. There the mart was full of black nosed, blackeyed sheep being auctioned, but the rest of the town was not busy. The rain was icy and the wind chill, so anyone able to choose had stayed at home!

On the Mountain there is two inches of snow underfoot, Mountain Man is busy checking the Ponies and sheep that are on his fields. Down in the Valley I have been getting warm unloading bags of horse manure on the Allotment!

The pots in the workshop are sitting there all cold and damp. Time to bring them into the dining room to dry, as soon as I have a break in the rain.


Anonymous said...

Awe a baby lamb! Any pictures?

red dirt girl said...

oooooooooo - looks so pretty but oh so brrrr-y!! thank you for the kind remark you left on my post today. it is encouraging to read someone else has gone through hell and came back smiling.

and making gorgeous pots - is that one at the top of your sidebar, yours ???!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

all my best