Friday, 19 February 2010

a dry day!!

The sun is bright, the washing line is full, but it is still frozen solid on the mountain.

All the drips of water on the line from yesterday's snow and rain were frozen on the line.

Today has been a day for yet more sorting, tidying and cleaning. The Oily One's cat is lying on Her cushion, glowering!!
I have found a box and a half of assorted kiln props and yet another box of tools and brushes and odd things that are not tools but were used as tools!
Gradually I am making sense of it all and moving pottery stuff to the workshop.

The jugs still haven't dried enough to handle, but at least they could be carried to the house to dry today. Every time I tried yesterday it rained or snowed!!

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Feltmaker said...

Hello gz - nice to have found you