Saturday, 20 February 2010

jugs again

All handled now!
I retreated to the kitchen for this as the weather is deceptive. Beautiful blue skies, bright sunshine...and a chill breeze.
I went to deal with the reclaim bucket and the clay was that dead cold which sucks all the heat from your hands in seconds. This is when it is dangerous to do this job as you have no sense of touch to be aware of any foreign- possibly sharp- bodies in the clay.

I have brought three bags of clay into the house to warm a little, plus the reclaim now in an old clay bag. I do this for the slurry pot to make throwing easier, this weather I'll do it for the clay too.

I wasn't too happy with the last of the new shape jugs, so I cut it in half to see how my throwing was...not bad, even if I say so myself!!
I think this jug might be better with three pounds of clay....


Feltmaker said...

That's really neat - to see the uniformity of a jug cut in half :D


gz said...

It is a good test of throwing, and also teaches one not to be too precious.

soubriquet said...

Well Done, gz, I looked at the clay and backed off, it had a supernatural chill to it...

It seems your pottering background had the same sort of mentors. Random sampling, don't be precious, you can make it again, and a nice feeling of stisfaction when a job's well done.
Nice jugs!