Wednesday, 10 February 2010

unexpected trip

Daughter and husband visited last weekend as The Oily One was helping with Daughter's VW Transporter van- conversion in progress!

Then after my Sunday egg delivery they returned with the van on a breakdown transporter.
The van needs more TLC in the engine department, so was left at my home and Mam's Taxi came to the rescue, all the way to Aberystwyth!

Or perhaps I was the one being rescued?

Two days break, helping Daughter to photograph pots for my new website. A leisurely journey home and finding a pair of new (to me ) Red Shoes!!

My cold has nearly gone, and my inspiration is gathering strength despite dealing with housework for most of today!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely lanes. Glad your cold is on it's way out! Sounds like a lovely couple of days. Horray for taxi man!