Saturday, 11 September 2010

A better day

These are Rosemary Cochrane's bowls from our salt firing, showing the results of the bottom of a kiln shelf spalling
An overview (!) of my pots from the kiln
My workshop view has improved! (until the frosts come)
New espresso cup shape on the way.
This is the way I design, by making. It creates problems when I've tried to apply for membership of certain ceramics associations. They expect design work on paper and in words too. I do use drawing books, but mainly as an ideas jotter wherever I am so that I don't lose inspiration!
Without that, even if the pots are good enough to stand by themselves, one is considered to be weak on design. When you consider how many makers are dyslexic......
After a bad start this morning, with a total of forty wasted miles and no craft fair, success!!