Sunday, 19 September 2010

Pottery in Progress

two sconces
waste not.... The cut out parts make good implements!!
very small jugs


juicer (it now has a handle opposite the lip, as well)

Whilst finishing those off this morning I got rather chilly. Standing around in a cool workshop is not good.

I warmed up by going digging! I have started the bean trench for next year's runner beans.
Then I attacked the garden architecture problem....I am combining some pairs of beds, which will give a more flexible planting area. Also it will keep Mountain Man paths are a waste of growing space, apparently!!

This morning's drizzle has given way to a light warmer breeze and a little sun.

The Carpenter has ridden over to Cardiff to play Bicycle Polo.

The Oily One is having short bursts of bedroom cleaning (shock!!!!- even the vacuum cleaner!!) interspersed with more computer time!! Methinks the washing machine will be on overtime any minute!!

I need to throw some more pots, and I have two batches of small sheep heads to make. (300 each) One batch I am going to barter for a secondhand Leach Kickwheel!


Hawthorn said...

Wow, I love the colander and the lemon juicer

gz said...

The top of the juicer isn't right yet-getting there!!

Anonymous said...

You are one talented lady!