Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mountain road home

Today is the Autumn Equinox (at about 3am) and overnight we had suitable weather! Followed by a showery and sunny day.
After the market at Hay (better than last week-but not by much) I took the road south-eastwards and headed for the "hills". This is where you come out on the common.
Then you go up.....
and the Gospel Pass
Looking back down towards Hay on Wye
and looking ahead towards Capel y Ffin and Llanthony down the Vale of Ewyas.

I couldn't stop and take pictures after this, as the lane goes twisting down through the valley, in parts looking just like a metalled "Green Lane".

It is a breathtaking journey through somewhere I could feel at ease, with many points in common with Mountain Man's mountain.
Remote enough, hard in the winter, but a place that is a joy to be if you are willing to accept what Nature gives you and work with it.


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TropiClay Studio said...

Oh how I would love to roam those hills.

Trish said...

Beautiful trek through your mountains, Gwynneth. We are finally getting some warm wonderful Fall weather here in central Alberta.
Good potting to you!