Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The last few days

Saturday started bright and chilly, warm in the sun but a biting northerly breeze

I spotted interesting images whilst waiting for the village tyre garage
playing with silhouettes
must chose a better background- and get rid of that double chin!!
It was difficult to get a good shot of this moth, as the light was fading fast. Any ideas what it could be?
Much of the weekend and Monday was spent gardening, before the next lot of rain, tidying and starting the winter digging. Still no greenhouse action, unfortunately.
The Carpenter has gone to his sister's house to do a spot of Carpenting and being a Nuncle!
When my daughter was having her shed re-built they saved me some clay....looks and feels good-but I can't have any more....this will have to be a glaze ingredient!!

I was up at 4am Monday to start the latest bisque. I'm still having trouble firing slowly enough to start with, without having the flame go out. Realistically perhaps some more refined burners might help! It is fine with thinner pots, but yet another large bowl, plus the juicer, couldn't stand the firing.
Another problem is that now the weather is turning colder it takes a while for the flue to warm.up and begin to draw.
I shouldn't have freecycled my fan heater last year!!
Miss Piggy gave me a talkative welcome to St. Ffagans Museum this morning!
This is the sort of picture that you can lose if you hesitate for a second.
It was breathtakingly beautiful-and will be an image to keep me going through the cold wet weather that has arrived during the day.
I hope it wont be too bad tomorrow, or Mountain Man will stay on his Mountain. Talking on the phone every day is fine but doesn't beat seeing each other, even if you sit in comfortable silence.
Thursday is forecast showery too, but the market still goes on in Hay on Wye, and locals come out even when it rains!! I'm off to see Daughter and family direct from there, so hopefully we will be updating my website with some new pictures of new pots.


Hawthorn said...

I love the textures at beginning of your post and that final photograph is absolutely beautiful, yes, a second later and it might have gone
well 'caught'

Gary's third pottery blog said...

of course I love the piggy, but my goodness, that pot pictured in the upper right, oh golly! NICE.

gz said...

H, I'm thinking of going back with a ball of clay to take impressions....

G, Thanks!! It is time I made more of my jars with knobs and animals and stuff

herhimnbryn said...

Pots and pigs at St Fagans, pefect.

herhimnbryn said...

Do you sell your work at St Ffagans? I bought a little brown slipware milk jug there a few years back and it reminds me of your work?

gz said...

I've just started selling my work at the shop in the pottery, I haven't before now(apart from the sheep since 2006!)