Wednesday, 22 September 2010


The kiln is almost packed for a bisque firing, with two one-third shelves to fill.

I am trying to model small animals, with some leading off into chess pieces.

Deer will do for christmas! (red noses obligatory of course!)

Yesterday we measured my spare Woodleys made Leach Kickwheel that I am bartering for a batch of small sheep. Somehow it needs to fit into the back of my car......
In 1983 at the first North/South Wales Potters' Camp at Tredegar House in Newport I sold a Leach Wheel.
It went off to London packed in the boot of a Citroen 2CV. Completely dismantled!

Anyone know how the wheelhead fits on, so that we can remove it?

I was told yesterday that I was pushing myself too hard. Must be right as I didn't even wake until 7am today.
When I got to the garden, Mountain Man suggested that I stay on his and do some light weeding instead of heading off to mine for some digging.

There is so much to do!


Zhoen said...

No yuletide kangaroos?

Hawthorn said...

seeing you regularly bring a bit of sunshine to my life, I have awarded you a deserving ’sunshine award’ please see today’s post hope it brings a smile to your day

gz said...

@ H...:-)

@ there's an idea!!!!