Friday, 3 September 2010


At last I've lifted the last (of four) bed of potatoes. Six mushroom traysful, now neatly stacked in the shed, making a total haul of about twenty to twentytwo! (plenty already devoured!!)
The earlies (Red Duke of York) don't crop so heavily, but both them and the next one, Charlotte were bigger than expected. Estima was ok if a little scabby (dry weather). These last are Red Baron that I grew from the last of last year's crop, which is something I would normally only do if I was trying a different variety for taste.
I tried some Rooster this year that way- they sprouted in the larder so got planted! I'll be ordering seed of those this year!
I couldn't find Red Baron to buy which is why I planted my own. However they have turned out to be the healthiest of this year's potatoes!!

I lifted the potatoes, swept the slab path (the top half) and gave the rest a"short back and sides" with garden shears...on top of this mornings housework and yesterday's long day, by one o'clock I'd had enough!!

The nights are turning chilly, but now the schools are re-opening for the Autumn Term, the days are hot and sunny!! (for now!!)

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