Friday, 17 September 2010


Yesterday I went to Wobage straight after doing the market at Hay (lots of queries, "am I here every week?", people looking around for presents but not buying yet....two pots sold....)

The exhibition in the great barn at Wobage ( ) is of Mick Casson's pots that his widow Sheila happened to have in store and around the house, from over fifty years of making.

Pots have not been displayed chronologically, however this lets you see how his work developed over the decades whilst the vitality of the making shines throughout.

I first met Mick Casson in late 1973 or early 1974. He was a visiting lecturer for a few days at the Ceramics department of Cardiff College of Art. I was on the Foundation Course at the time and they sent me to the Ceramics department, saying "we don't want to see you back here this week"!
Since then, I have met him over the ensuing years, as a member of the North Wales Potters Guild whilst working for David and Margaret Frith, as Treasurer of North Wales Potters and at the International Potters' Festival where MC was the MC for five festivals after its move to Aberystwyth.

Every time he encouraged and inspired me, as he did many others.

This time his pots did the same.

Many thanks to Sheila Casson for letting us see the pots and pictures, and for the welcoming cuppa!


soubriquet said...

You have my sympathy. The great British Public. I liked the salt glazed stuff. Wish I had a salt kiln to play with, all those lovely toxic fumes!Ohhhhh I so want to play with fire, I'm jealous.

Mick Casson! What a lovely man, he inspired a lot of us, I remember his enthusiasm, great sweeping gestures, and his laugh.
Did you take pics there?

Hey, I posted a vid of him, part of his "Craft of the Potter" bbc series. Hang on, I'll go search my archives.

gz said...