Sunday, 12 September 2010

wandering ponies

This one is cast, in iron I think. Seen at the National Eisteddfod in Ebbw Vale
Not sure what colour this foal will turn out. She is with her dam here, and the sire is grey
Looking from the foot of Twmbarlwm towards Cardiff and the approaching rain shower
On Twmbarlwm, looking towards Cefn Rhyswg. You can only just see a little of Mountain Man's fields right in the middle of the bit of ridge in the picture-and it isn't one of the obvious bits!

Weather permitting we should be going to the far end of the mountain this afternoon.
What is the betting that they have come back down this end??!!
The weather is fine today with only a small possibility of showers. Twenty degrees C is forecast, but it will be cooler on the mountain, especially as it is breezy.

Meanwhile, washing proceeds apace and I have to throw saucers to go with yesterday's espresso cups, bowls to make into colanders and some mini jugs too.


Peter said...

You keep taking lovely photos!! I'm assuming those are Welsh Mountain Ponies?? (sorry, I know nothing much really about the breeds of horses and ponies, but they do look magnificent out in the hills)

I was interested by what you said in your previous post about designing "by making", and the problem with some ceramics associations who require design work on paper and words. That same nonsense seems to have its tentacles all through tertiary education here too with regard to craft subjects (sorry.. "technology"). Huge bias towards written project proposals, and the like, but not a lot to show for it.

It seems to me a very natural, and healthy, thing for a potter to design by making, and for what is made to evolve over time..... and, ideally for those forms to be passed on and developed by others that follow. Think of the superb traditional pottery that was made by women in Africa for cooking and food storage!

Our modern world is a very silly one!

gz said...

They are only taken with a mobile phone! (but it does have a Zeiss lens)
They are Section A Welsh Mountain Ponies, which are the smallest.

Perhaps I ought to print off my pot making photos and make a Designing Workbook!! (with a few added notes!!)