Thursday, 2 September 2010

"season of mists...."

From Llangynidr Mountain this morning (about 7.20 a.m.) looking towards Abergavenny

then looking down into the valley.

Today turned out warm and fine. I didn't sell a lot in the market, we have hit the post-holiday and pre-christmas lull.
At least I spoke to many more local people today. Quite a few have started eyeing things up for gifts, but just not buying yet. Ho Hum!!

I did sell a porcelain dish with sgraffito decoration of a running pony. That made it worthwhile today!

Then delivering sheep to a crafts co-operative shop on Brecon (Beacons Crafts) and on to the far side of Abergavenny via the smaller roads. It may be three miles further, but it was worth it for a hassle free drive!

There I helped brick up the kiln we will be salt firing on Saturday. After supper there, finished off with a fresh fig from the tree in their garden, I came home as dusk fell.

A good day in all.

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hawthorn said...

beautiful pictures, love the mist in the valley.