Sunday, 25 March 2012

back in clay

I tried to throw a couple of trial shapes yesterday, but things were just wrong.

Moral. Don't start when you're tired, and don't start without centreing yourself.

Today , after turning the clocks forward, cleared from a misty start to a warm day. The days may be unseasonably hot but the nights are not, and the workshop was decidedly cold! Once the sun was on the roof life improved and I started by putting clay on boards to dry and kneading clay for today's throwing.

I had a few shape false starts and ended up with a nice bellied mug and jug shapes. These will have stencilled words (coffi, te......) They sold well before and I have someone already interested in them.
They will also fit nicely round some more bigger bowls which need making. It is a good thing that warm and dry weather has been forecast for two more days!

I need to work out a stencil for a bike tyre track , for an order. Also one for a Celtic design with horses, ordered a while back, luckily by a customer who is willing to wait!!


Zhoen said...

Centering. Thanks for the reminder. Indeed.

Cro Magnon said...

Put your bikini on, and have a day off. This lovely weather won't last.

gz said...

Cro, I'll have a day off when it rains..that way wherever I go there will be fewer people!!

Lois said...

Lovely weather here in Ontario, I need to get my bike out and tuned for the season.

gillyflower said...

Sounds like you've got some interesting projects in the pipeline.
Glad you were able to produce what you wanted, its frustrating when things just dont go right.
Impressed with your efforts of your last post - well done!
Thanks for visiting me - the little flowers you liked are scillas, and they are a gorgeous sky blue that sadly didnt show in my photo.

farmlady said...

"Don't start when you're tired, and don't start without centering yourself." A lesson for us all.
Enjoy the lovely weather.