Friday, 23 March 2012

out on the bike at last!

Only the mountain Newport and the canal, pay a bill....

but it was gorgeous!
It is forecast even warmer tomorrow, possibly topping twenty degrees. I think it is quite nice as it is, thankyou!!

Although I did curse The Carpenter for "borrowing" my smallest chainring for his polo bike as I walked up the first half of the Fourteen Locks climb and rode the rest at a crawl!!

Now I have a batch of bread dough mixed and waiting to be kneaded.

Then it is time to plan out the next lot of pot making. I have two orders outstanding, a large mug and a stencilled plate. I need to make more platters and bigger bowls.
A better range of coloured slips needs to be worked on too.

I've been offered slips and glazes by a potter who is giving up saltglazing and staying with white earthenware. A marvellous gift and an incentive to get the next saltfiring to happen!

I'm cursing The Wizzard too.. now he doesn't know when he'll be here again to finish sorting our laptops and computers. Gah!!!


Dru Marland said...

I made more soda bread this morning, then made a batch of pizza dough and used the surplus dough to bake an extra loaf, using the casserole again. It's a really good way of keeping the bread soft while it cooks! (House Teenager doesn't like crusts, and I like experimenting)
Blooming warm here, too.

Kath said...

your cycle trip sounds wonderful. I was just saying to Him this morning we should get some bikes, as the levels are lovely and flat for cycling. We'd have to get a trailer for the dogs LOL

Cro Magnon said...

I wish I could still ride my bike... dodgy knee. I did do the London/Brighton ride once.

Betty said...

I am visualising your bike ride, how lovely. congrats on the unexpected saltfiring gifts. Betty