Thursday, 29 March 2012


Started today with yet more washing....The Oily One is having a sort out, gradually!!! AT LAST!!!!

Then a pleasant walk to the next village to tax the car...£215!!!! However it is still doing 45 to 50 mpg so I can't complain. Buying fuel might be a problem however as the P.M.'s "don't panic"...has meant that many have done just that.

Good incentive to use the bike!!

After a coffee break I set to on stencil cutting as the soup bowls dried in the sun, then turned and decorated them.
At about 2pm I could see the wind changing from Southerly to Northerly...the clothes flapped in the opposite direction and made moving shadows over my work!
Lunch was late as I thought it better to keep the flow of work going and finish these bowls.

After that there were two larger bowls and a dish to turn. One bowl is now a colander. It is more work, but fun!


madpotter1 said...

Winds shifted here too, blustery after very nice heat wave.
Now to do the taxes :(
Wow car tax is high across the pond!! I tend to think of bills in terms of pots. Takes too many pots to fill my gas tank!

Good pots to you gz!

Cro Magnon said...

Prepare to become jealous... We don't have car tax here!

Those idiots forming long queues at the pumps should be whipped. Mass hysteria.

cargillwitch said...

please forgive my ignorance but what is causing the fuel shortages? price jumps? we have had a sudden and unexpected increase in fuel prices here this passed week but I was unaware that it was a worldwide phenomena

gz said...

In one word, politicians.
There is no shortage.
The main problem is that the unions are worried about safety standards.
They balloted their members, who approved strike action by ballot. They then go back to the management with that fact as a lever.
This does not mean that there will be a strike, just the possibility.
Any strike would have to give seven working days' notice anyway.

Then the politicians go around saying "don't panic"...but keep your tank topped up and store fuel in jerrycans.... so people DO panic and that = a shortage.