Saturday, 3 March 2012

catching up again

On emails..Having been busy for a few days- they do build up!!

Thursday was a different day- four hours of (paid!) gardening. The grape vines are tidy and a few wires need fixing. A huge amount of pony manure got stacked and some spread around the roses.
Then I cut back the jasmine/grape vine/ivy/clematis by the salt kiln so we don't have to fight the undergrowth- or over growth! Most of the plant-pots got sorted too.
Then I collected a load of manure for my allotment on the way home. They are looking forward to the ponies going out in the Spring so that they don't have stables to clear!!

Friday, and I was off again- and this time the right tooth crown had arrived at the dentist! Then a quick cuppa with a friend and back to finishing bowls.

This morning I've done Usk Farmers Market. The weather has changed and it is rainy/sunny/windy in quick succession. Not a bad market, but we're all hoping for better weather and more customers.

Now back to finishing jugs, vases and bowls...and wondering what to write on those four platters lurking on the bottom shelf....


Michèle Hastings said...

glad to hear that they got the right parts for you this time! enjoy your studio time today.

Cro Magnon said...

What about...

60 Glorious Years. Bless yer M'aam.

They'd sell like hot cakes.

Relatively Retiring said...

It's been wonderful for gardening, and I think the term 'overgrowth' should be much more widely used.

farmlady said...

I was so excited to find a comment from you this morning... a comment from WALES.
Thank you so much. My ancestry on my Dad's side of the family comes from your country. I have a goat that speaks the Welsh language... for the purpose of my blog.
I love your ceramics(especially the little sheep), your photos of the countryside that you live in, your love of gardening and baking.
I will return.

~ Sil in Corea said...

Came over from Gary's blog and am delighted to visit Wales. :-) My father's folks came from there, a long time ago, soon after 1800.

gz said...

welcome, Sil