Friday, 9 March 2012

results (sorry no pictures yet!)

The kiln went a bit too well!

Two salt pots and two flared mugs have a little...ok, a lot!...of small bloats all over. I pot mini cones 9 and 10 by the glaze test pots...cone 10 was flat!...oops. I'm not packing tight to the back wall, so that shouldn't have happened, but it does show the worth of putting extra cones around the kiln. At the front spyhole cone 10 was just softening, at the pyrometer ( in the middle of the kiln roof) it was 1275.

Peter's Red Tenmoku came out a luscious black. The Joe Koons red I got from a post by Mel Jacobsen on Clayart forum looked overfired..and that is a cone 11 glaze.
I made a Nuka glaze including woodash from the stove in the gallery and where thick enough that is a beautiful white. That is apparently good with a light coating of a Tenmoku glaze over it.
I'm having fun!!

So, "onwards and upwards"" as they say. The platters are sitting in the warm kiln to speed drying a little and I've got two hours to glaze a few more pots and mix more glaze.


madpotter1 said...

light a fire under the Wizard as we must have the visuals :) Sounds pretty good as I can't remember a firing when everything came out.

best to you and the kiln gods!

Betty said...

Hope you will be able to post a pic of the ones you were pleased with - even though you found some imperfections, we are never happy with our own work! it could be that anything you don't feel satisfied with is only noticeable to you and will be loved by someone else. Bettyx

gz said...

The Wizzard and The Carpenter are playing in a cycle polo tournament in Bristol this weekend..hopefully they'll talk computers....

Zhoen said...

Any mosaicists around? Just a way to keep the pots being art in some form, mind.

Cro Magnon said...

We want pictures... we want pictures... we want pictures.

Any rejects will be gratefully accepted.

Liz said...

Thanks for visiting and lovely comment.

Photos of the sheep please!