Sunday, 4 March 2012

what a day!

It started wet and windy today, then carried on with showers and blustery wind- but nothing like the tornadoes in the USA, thankfully.

No going for walks or gardening, it was "nose to the grindstone" day...kiln unpacked and re-packed, fettling as I went, and on by 12.30. I don't usually work in the workshop when I'm firing, but as soon as the flue was drawing well it was carry on turning!
A board full of ordinary size bowls and two bigger bowls, then three vases for light turning to tidy up and adding handles. I needed a break as my hands were aching!!
Follow that by brushing slip on four large platters before stopping to get supper on the way.
I'm using a calligraphy pen to sgraffito writing around the rim of the platters.
Two done, including an alphabet (always popular), and two to go..

Firing the kiln was "interesting" in a draughty workshop as the gusts increased the air supply!!
It was easier as the kiln gained temperature and the gusts had less effect on the flames. Firing finished at 6.50pm.
Here is the "Triban"( - a Glamorganshire form of poem- perhaps an equivalent of the Japanese haiku?) that I've inscribed on one platter....

"Dihareb ddoeth fynega,
Mai deuparth gwaith ei ddechrau,
Dywedaf inna yn ddi-feth,
Taw cwpla peth sydd ora"

"A wise saying that I'd tell,
That two parts work is starting,
I would say unfailingly,
That completing the thing is best"

On that note, I'll go and finish the other two platters!!


The Barefoot Crofter said...

It probably says so much more than that, but gets lost in the translation. Glad you had a productive day xx

WOL said...

For your plates, how about:

"Happiness is a full plate."
"Food shared with a friend is twice as good."
"This moment, right now, is a precious gift. That's why it's called 'the present.'"

Michèle Hastings said...

a busy day for you, you will sleep well tonight!


I would love to see the finished calligraphy pieces! Always find putting lettering onto ceramics a bit difficult myself. xC

Janet said...

I could use that plate! I checked out your other plates with writing -- very nice.

red dirt girl said...