Friday, 30 March 2012

still dry

Even blankets have been washed and line dried!

I went to Newport today and had no problem buying diesel. No silly queues either!
They had run out of unleaded petrol and gas.
I was in town to buy another quarter ton of clay. It will be plenty while I test other clays and find the one I'd like to use. I have a few ideas...

Then back for lunch with The Carpenter before he left for Cambridge and a cycle polo tournament.
With any luck The Wizzard will be there with a team from Manchester.

I worked out a new small bowl shape, as the soup bowls finished drying in the sun. The bigger bowls are nearly dry too. I only threw four as my hands are aching a bit and need a rest!

It was still pleasant weather after tea so I went to the velodrome by bike instead of using the car- an hour to go there and an hour and a quarter to return, after a couple of hours there.

I'm back there again tomorrow, helping to run an event... I think I'll have a day off and go by car!!


Zhoen said...

Busy day, but very productive as well.

Chris said...

You must be fit as a fiddle Gwynneth!

madpotter1 said...

Back to cool, cloudy, breezy, wet March weather here in Ohio. Your day sounds great and a bit of a rest for the hands :).
Pedal on!

smartcat said...