Tuesday, 6 March 2012

one step finished

I've just done another batch of sheep , lets hope they sell like "hot cakes" over the Easter holidays!!
I arrived earlier and just worked straight through today...and paid for it by forgetting my spare specs. Not to worry, I'm using my spare, spare specs....having mislaid the new pair last October after only having them for two months. Bother!!!

The platters were just right to have their feet turned and cut . I put holes in the feet as well so that they can be hung on a wire against a wall. Plate hangers ruin rims!! Everything has been finished, now I have to be patient in drying them before firing.

The nights have turned cold again- I had to scrape the ice off the car windows this morning. At least it has been pleasant and sunny during the day. Although we do need more rain to replenish the ground water it is a relief to be able to dry pots and clothes outside and to get on with gardening too.

Time to clear the decks and sort the glazes. I'll do a few glaze tests as I've been a bit lax on them lately. I like to have at least one test in every glaze firing.


Kath said...

I can feel myself getting more and more interested as the months go by. I can see how easily this craft could become addictive!
I just found out one of my favourite neighbours has a kiln!

Anonymous said...

Are your specs reading glasses? I try to keep reading glasses in every place I need them and still misplace them. One pair stays in my purse. We'll see how long that lasts.

farmlady said...

Do the sheep ever go into your Etsy store? Do you make salt pigs? I love the colors on your pottery.
Does Wales have long winters?
Do have a long growing season during the summer?
So many questions... I'm so interested in this country of yours.

Elaine said...

Good luck with the hotcakes/sheep! I have had a quick look at your work on the your website ... really lovely.i

gz said...

Janet they are reading glasses- unfortunately I can't get any off the peg glasses as when I was knocked off my bike by a car in the 70s the side of my face got hit- and that eye is shorter focus. I could get a new pair for £55....

farmlady I'll have to see about sheep on etsy...I'm paid to make them, but it is possible. Our weather is....variable!!
Last year my friend's figs did not ripen..not enough sun...or rain...This Winter hasn't been a "proper" Winter, but the previous two were...with a vengeance!! It comes of being on the West of an offshore island, and being the meeting point of Atlantic, Arctic, Continental and Mediterranean/North African air masses. (plus the Gulf Stream) We get a bit of everything, sometimes in quick succession.

Bella said...

It is good to hear your sheep are made to order. I was wondering whether sales had been affected by the recession or not. From what I can see around the globe generally; folk are buying only essentials.

I quite like a bit of frost in the morning as it usually is a prelude to a bright sunny day. I have to admit, the 7th March (today) came as a rude awakening after yesterday's sunny offering. It does indeed change hourly. And they wonder why people in the UK talk about the weather so much!

P.S. Did you speak to Jonathon at Potclays?

gz said...

Bella, I deal with Celtic Kilns in Newport, not direct with Potclays.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh rats, where are pics of sheep?

gz said...