Friday, 16 March 2012

ready to go again..

Duty day at the gallery completed , I headed straight for home, going over the end of the mountain to avoid the traffic. Any excuse! Just driving over makes me feel easier but it is high time I got up there on foot.

The platters fired well, although I think that I was about ten degrees too cautious for the top two, and the bottom two would have taken that fine. You live and learn!
Glazing the next kilnful took three hours or so, by which time I'd had enough .

My laptop arrived this morning, thanks to my brother. The Wizzard will be down here again soon then it will be time to install everything and be launched on my very own computer!!

Brother was on a mission to a certain large Swedish shop, and disappeared after a quick cuppa.

Then it was (literally) gloves on and set to with fettling all the red glazed pots and packing the kiln again. The iron oxide in the glaze stains skin and I'm sure doesn't do skin any good.
Wearing the latex gloves made the smoothing of any pinholes and dribbles much easier too.

Now the overalls are ready to hang on the line and I've had lunch...time for some gardening at long last. Firing the kiln can wait until tomorrow!!


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh Lord good luck with that certain Swedish shop. Are you sure he ever made it back??

Jenny Woolf said...

Hope my last got through, the computer seemed to hang up. I just suggested you check that he came out of IK*A alive and well ! i have never known such a confusing shop.

gz said...

He is a regular visitor there!!
The Cardiff branch is nicely set out and it is easy to park there, unlike Bristol!!

farmlady said...

I love this post. It's like " a day in the life of..."
Enjoy your garden.

gz said...

farmlady, half an hour's hoeing has done me a power of good!!


Gosh, you've been busy since I last dropped by! Would love to see some pictures of your latest pots, they all sound so interesting. Must get out in my own garden this weekend!

madpotter1 said...

Counting the days till I have my hand in the garden!!
Good day! And computer!

Michèle Hastings said...

glazes are so hard on the skin and for me fingernails... mine are all split and peeling right now. i am hoping that a week away from work in the north will help with their recovery.
congrats on the new 'puter!

Cro Magnon said...

They can usually be found eating meatballs!

gz said...

Not if you're a veggie, Cro!! The Apple Cake with cream is good...and the Dime cake....and the soup....and the free coffee during the week!!