Wednesday, 29 February 2012

beautiful day

After a slow start, with mountain misty rain coming in as I put the first wash on the line, it has been a beautiful warm and sunny day. It has even stayed quite warm after 3pm when the sun went down behind Mynydd y Llan, over the valley.

The traffic rumble has been my work accompaniment today, plus the sound of two grabs in the scrapyard over the valley sorting scrap metal.

Pots went out to finish drying and I threw bigger bowls and vases and really went for it, with four platters out there drying too! I've just about finished the eight bags of clay I brought into the kitchen during the cold weather. I've opened three new bags and made a row of "hump backed bridge" shapes on three boards to dry it enough to throw.

Unfortunately the car failed its MoT test- the handbrake wasn't holding firmly enough...but that was all, and the only advisory that needs dealing with urgently is an oil leak. As the village garage is spotless, I'm a bit ashamed of that...I thought the Oily One had sorted that a while ago.

The Oily One and our local mobile mechanic will be back very soon, then I'll see how soon I can be mobile again.

Now there are two overalls to wash and half a dozen small hand towels...I'm running out of enthusiasm!!


Kath said...

I just had a look at your website, it is very professional and colourful. I enjoyed reading about how you got started.

Zhoen said...

As long as the Oily One can sort the oil leak. Which one would thing, really.

Mark said...

I have just read your website too . Some great stuff.

Cwmcarn - is that where the forest drive is?

red dirt girl said...

Life is a bit like that, too: it can start out misty rainy with dark clouds overhead .... and all of a sudden, through no will on our part, turn out to be bright and beautiful!

Here's hoping you get to enjoy the bright and beautiful parts!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Good thing you have plenty of water with all the washing you do! Weather is cold and wet and damp here...not washing on the line for us!

Cro Magnon said...

Bloody cars. At least over here they're tested only every two years, but even so...

gz said...

Cro, some cars around here need it more often- it would get them off the road!
The Oily One has done the work so I'm safe now!!

Mark, yes, Cwmcarn is where the Forest Drive is situated. The Mountain Bike Trail needs some attention though.