Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Sunset from Court Cupboard, Blorenge on the left.

This is the view as I left the gallery yesterday, through the rainshowers that arrived just before I left.

I have been given an award! Thankyou, Hawthorn!!

Now I have to pass it on to others...a difficult choice indeed, so no complaints if I didn't choose you!!

1. A Devonshire Pottery A traditional slipware potter, who digs his own clay, makes beautiful jugs, sings, takes part in village productions and now shows us his hardworking days on video too.

2. Closed Sunday who tells us of life on an island in the Western Isles of Scotland from an incomers view

3.Gary's 3rd pottery blog..pots, cooking, humour...Mr.Versatility!!

4.Henhouse Pottery...farmer, mother, potter...the simple life is hard work!

5.Squash Blossom Farm....just inspiring!

There are so many more....

Now to add some random facts about myself... Ummmm....
1. I hate arguments

2. my left foot is half a size longer

3. I'm writing in English and listening to Radio Cymru in Welsh

4. I started my first garden when I was five

5. my family has been vegetarian for nearly 100 years, thanks to my grandmother, a fan of George Bernard Shaw, then a Theosophist and reader of Krishnamurti's writings all her life.

6. at my first school when I was three and a half they put the morning milk bottles, that had frozen and pushed their caps off...on the radiator to defrost....yeeeugh!!

7. I am going to finish the quilt I handpieced and half hand quilted in 1997/8.....honest!!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

hey, that is ME, thank you! I shall post on this right now indeed :)

Cro Magnon said...

Unrelated comment, but the Hot Water Bottle worked just fine... Thanks!

Cro Magnon said...

As a Welsh speaker, you may be interested to know that Islwyn Ffowc-Elis was my mother's cousin. What more can I say!

gz said...

Which means, Cro, that you are related to my children....he was a cousin to my ex-mother in law or her mother (must check!!)

Zhoen said...

1. Me too. So I would never dream of so much as questioning your choices of blogs to share your honor. Congratulations.

Julia said...

Thank you for picking me! I promise I will pass it on!

I'm in awe that you started your first garden at 5.

smartcat said...