Saturday, 18 February 2012

back to Winter

The forecast for this weekend was Wet, Windy and was right!! As we returned from the Allotments Committee meeting I'm sure that the rain was a little solid.

The sun is out again now, but I'll not be tempted to do any clothes washing!

Yesterday I worked in the garden near Abergavenny, carrying on with the tidying up after a pruning session and clearing more brambles to reveal a corner full of rasberry canes.

After lunch the new mugs were ready for fettling and sorting. I rejected five out of the twentyfive.
There is no point keeping something that is not quite right and thinking "It'll do".
Then I had a practice throw with porcelain, something I haven't done for a couple of years. It was interesting throwing on 6" square (15cm) biscuit tiles that fit into a recess on a rubber wheelhead that fits over the metal wheelhead. You can get a mug much nearer the finished article than if you throw and lift off and there should be far less fettling to do as well.

Today I have started adding handles to the Espresso cups. Then there are salt pots to be finished and saucers thrown for the cups. The bowls are almost ready for turning and decorating and the platters are waiting for slip and sgraffito.
It is all go again!


Bella said...

A ratio of 5 throwers to 25 is not too bad for a hand-made object but it is a testament to your craft that you have a tight quality control.

Cro Magnon said...

There was an exceptional Pottery Dep't at my college, and we are still happily using their rejects.

gz said...

Which college, Cro?
Not many left in the UK now, Cardiff is the only one doing Ceramics as a single subject degree

smartcat said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy and out of trouble. Sunny,and cold here. Ice on pond and pool.