Sunday, 19 February 2012


Is what I call the time spent today on housework and shopping!!

It was pleasant but chilly and subdued weather this morning, a bit of a shower by lunchtime but nothing much.

I managed to get to the workshop well after 2pm and by 4pm it was setting in cold (and the roads had been gritted by 5pm). A dozen small saucers thrown with two extra for spares.
I threw them on batts, partly as they would distort too much if lifted off by hand, and partly because if you're using 6" batts when making 6" saucers, it saves measuring!

Most of the mugs have been packed into mushroom trays and stacked in the kitchen. Making bread has the side effect of drying the pots as it bakes, as they are next to the oven.
As supper baked I finished a few salt pots- we have beasties, ducks and chickens plus the odd fish and twisty handle too.


Cro Magnon said...

Throwing pots in the cold sounds like a nightmare.

re your question. In my day it was called West Surrey College of Art, in Farnham. I think the 'nothing else to do' brigade have now changed it.

One of the WV's is Cerameicus.

gz said...

See, Cro, WVs can be fun!!
I think Farnham closed last year, or at least the Ceramics dept.
Wally Keeler went to Farnham, did he not, and Trefor Owen was a technician at that time. Terry and Bev Bell-Hughes were there and Rosemary Wren.

Relatively Retiring said...

I like the image you create of baking bread and baking pots.
I once worked with a creative art teacher who made a big loaf of clay, sliced it up and gave each child a slice to make their most imaginative open sandwich. There were some great results when glazed and fired.

red dirt girl said...