Monday, 6 February 2012

wierd weather

From being stuck in two inch deep snow on Saturday afternoon, we had rain then frost in the evening.
In the morning at 9am my car was still frozen, with frosty leaf patterns over the roof and windscreen...but within half an hour they had disappeared, long before the sun had reached the village, and the air was comparatively warm!

The workshop was still well in shadow and too cold for work until after lunch.
However the afternoon was productive and included throwing two dozen mugs, before I got too cold. They did take a little longer than hoped, but it is progress.

The Wizzard spent most of Sunday tending to the computers in the house, updating and tidying.
He missed Manchester's snow by spending the weekend here and it was good to see him.
Hopefully he had a safe and clear journey home.

Now it is Monday morning and I'm off to the Court Cupboard near Abergavenny for this month's duty day...lets hope the lane to the gallery isn't icy!!


Bella said...

I feel a chill just thinking about cold workshops and icy galleries. I hope you keep warm enough to maintain use of your fingers.

I tries to comment on your last post with the farmers' market but kept being rejected. The general gist seems to be one of chills. Roll on summer.

Zhoen said...

Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes, it'll change.

-Said of Michigan weather.