Thursday, 9 February 2012

cracking on

This morning was full of the jobs that don't count to many people- as they weren't throwing pots on the wheel!
Dealing with post and emails, checking online, Etsy and facebook page for enquiries- and finding a "thankyou"!
Washing my "slops"..overalls and workshop handtowels
kneading and weighing clay for throwing.

Plus waiting for the sun to creep round to the workshop!!

Once it had, I threw a dozen straight sided medium mugs. Once I get into a rhythm, mugs take seven minutes...which seems a lot, but not once you consider that they wont need turning, just a quick fettle, add the handle and impress the decoration.

After a mug of tea to warm inside and out, I managed another eight mugs, bellied shape this time before my fingers became too cold and I was too tired after over two hour's throwing.

By then it was dark, cold and wet!


Elaine said...

I hope you managed to get warmed through! I have always loved hand thrown pots, for their own sake, now I am beginning to appreciate just a little of what goes into producing them.

gz said...

It took supper and a good soak in the bath to get warmed through!