Friday, 3 February 2012

even chillier!

Today started well, packing up two bowls for fellow blogger gardeningbren in Canada.

After a quick tidy, off to Abergavenny to turn and handle the mugs I made there last Friday. After lunch I threw another fifteen before it got too cold. Four o'clock and I had to go!
Had I left it any longer the traffic would have been even worse, as it was it was busier than usual. I took a risk and followed the mountain road to miss a few miles of traffic jams. It was mainly two wheeltracks to follow between thawed and frozen slush on the way up, and between snow across the edge of the common. In a couple of places the snow was across the road, but I remembered my Man's instructions on how to drive over snow...and they were not very long anyway.

Back in the village the cold is hard and heavy and the wind is brisk, making it feel even colder.

The people inthe flat next door started door banging and kitchen clattering at 11pm...for over half an hour!! How I long to be back in a cottage.


Anonymous said...

I have forgotten how to drive on snow since I moved from the midwest. I kind of miss it.

By the way, I covet the berry bowl on Etsy. I love your finishing work on the bowl's foot.

Cro Magnon said...

Oh dear... Neighbours! Even out in the Stix we have them, and even though they're a few hundred metres away, they still occasionally cause a bloody nuisance of themselves.

Mark said...

Ooh, I'm off to Abergavenny tomorrow - well Usk actually, but ear enough. Miss the mountains very much.

Michèle Hastings said...

for two years i lived with noisy neighbors overhead... they would be banging around at 2 am - they even vacuumed the room over my bedroom at that hour!!!
it's nice now to have cows for neighbors :-)

Stay warm!